Saturday, July 25, 2009


When I was younger, I used to play on a full time traveling softball team. My positions were pitcher and 1st base and I enjoyed playing very much. Every weekend, traveling with the girls I played with, and sometimes playing up to seven games in one day. To most this would not seem like something that would be enjoyable, but for me it was awesome. After playing on the same team, with the same girls for seven years, I began becoming more active in activities in school. The scheduling conflicting with the times that my team would practice in the off season. The head coach of the team felt that because I was unable to attend the practices that I was not dedicated-clearly not the case at all, and this could be seen from my other teamates and the other coaches as well. He in turn kicked me off the team which was extremely devastating to me. After being kicked off the team, I obviously had alot more free time. I went out and found a job to keep myself occupied, where I meet a guy. We are now engaged and planning our wedding and the rest of our life together. At the time, I felt like getting kicked of the team was the worst thing, but now looking back, I am extremely grateful.
EvErYthInG DOES hApPen 4 A reAsON!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PhoTo ShOoT

Photoshoot assignment... I recently went around my house and photographed three seperate things- a wagon, a mustang, and a flower totaling a little over a hundred pictures. These are the few that I thought were the best... hope u enjoy them!

PhoTo ShOoT!!!